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Agriculture and Livelyhood Development
The Expert group on the estimation of poverty (Tendulkar Committee Report) in 2004-2005, 471.8% in rural India and 25.7% in urban India were estimated to be poor. So, our work should not only emphasize on food security but also on enhancing farm income specially in rural India. But the Indian agriculture has been primarily characterized as a means of subsistence, small investments, small returns and a source of livelihood for the rural households. To realize enhanced agricultural growth, Ramakrishna Mission, Sargachi has designed an Integrated approach to achieve

Crop Diversification
Demonstration on different protective cultivation techniques
Better access to information on a variety of crops
Increase the participation of women in agriculture
Value addition to farm produce
Develop integrated farming system approach
Entrepreneurship development
Evaluation of crops sustainability and suitability for introducing in adjacent areas