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High School
The school has the unique distinction of being the first and foremost of all the Ramakrishna Mission Educational Institutions all over the world. Swami Akhandanandaji Maharaj, one of the direct disciples of Sri Ramakrishna, established this epoch making institution for the all round development and overall amelioration of the local and helpless boys and girls, steeped in bleak backwardness and dismal poverty.Now it is a secondary school for the boys, affiliated to the West Bengal Board of Secondary Education where man-making education and character building ideas are imparted to the students coming from all corners of the society. 
The School is housed in a nice three-storied building in the serene beauty of the Ashrama premises. There is room for about 700 students, most of whom are day-schloars. A hostel named Vidyarthi Bhawan is also there to accommodate 66 students coming from far and near. The boys have two playgrounds, a rich library which offers text books and reference books to the needy students at a minimum cost, a computer center and other facilities. There is also a large Ashrama library which is open to the students. The poor students often receive helps from the school and other corners in cash or kind (books, dresses etc.). The school follows the syllabus of the West Bengal Board of Secondary Education and accordingly prepares the students for the Secondary Examination. At the same time classes on Indian Culture, Yoga and Music are held regularly. Boys are admitted to classes V, VI, VII, and VIII after an admission test usually held in April every year for which forms can be had in February. The school is surely entitled to claim an asterisk in the arena of education for making good results over the years.