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Vivekananda Swasthya Pariseva Prakalpa
Sl No. Name of Centre Centre Location No of Beneficiaries Name of Teacher
      Boys Girls Total  
1. Khidirpur Pry School Vill+P.O.-Khidirpur, P.S-Beldanga, Dist-Murshidabad 16 09 25 1. Arati Das
2. Binkar Pry School Vill-Binkar, P.O.-Khidirpur, P.S-Beldanga, Dist-Murshidabad 15 10 25 2. Falguni Hazra
3. Dahedar Vill-Dahedar, P.O.-Mahula 10 15 25 1. Patasi Hazra
4. Sevabrato Vill: Bairgachi, PO Kali Tola Dia 14 11 25 1. Lipa  Bala
      55 45 100  


Following Services are provided to the Beneficiaries:-
Prayer :-
  • Poem – Sakale Uthia Ami Mane Mane bali ....   
  • Swamiji’s Swadesh Mantra – He Bir Sahas Abalamban karo .... 
  • Bani of Sri Sri Thakur, Maa and Swamiji
Education :-
  • Study Book – Bengali, English, Mathematics etc. Value based Education – obey your parents and Senior, Study the book of Swami Vivekandanda – ‘Sishuder Vivekananda’
  •  Discussion on biography of National and Religious leaders.    
  • Physical Fitness – Khali Hater Vyayam.
  • Education on Personal Health & Hygiene. 
Distribution of Nutrition :-
  • Daily Distribution of Nutritional food on fixed calendar basis like – Milk, Egg, Dalia, Nutimix, Khichuri. Fruits, suji etc.    
  • It is ensured that Students wash their hands before meal.
Distribution of Toiletry Items :-
  • Soap, toothpaste, Detergent powder distribute in monthly basis.     
  • Tooth-Brush is being distributed every three months and school uniform distributed in yearly basis    
  • Note books, pencil, erase, pen, drawing pencil distributed as per requirement.
Home Visit :-
  • Our Supervisor visit all families of the beneficiaries for observing their familiar habits like personal cleanliness, hygiene, dietary habits etc. and guide them for improving them.
Mother’s Meeting :-
  • Mothers meeting on monthly basis for health and educational progress of students.
Health Camp & Distribution of Medicine :-
  • A health Check up camp is organized on a monthly basis. Medicines are distributed to the beneficiaries for their improvement of health.    
  • All the homes are being tested for Arsenic contamination and are being advised on arsenic water filter