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Rain Water Hervesting
A rain water harvesting project in order to supply arsenic free water for agriculture at the Ashrama has been successfully completed. The shallow water used for agriculture adds a tremendous amount of arsenic to the arable soil. In order to reduce the health risks and promote agricultural sustainability the rain water will be harvested in a pond identified at the Ashrama. The pond was fully renovated and a guard wall was constructed around it. The rainwater will be collected from the roof of the school buildings and adjacent cemented catchment area at polythene lined pond to supply arsenic free water for agriculture and to introduce a model project on direct use of rainwater as an alternative source of arsenic free water for agriculture. After successful implementation the storing of rainwater in the pond has already started. In the future, the project will be used to popularize the technique of rooftop rainwater harvesting system as well as to generate awareness among the students and common people about the storage and use of rain water through roof top rainwater harvesting system.