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Akhanandananda 150 Prakalpa

Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama, Sargachi is a paradise on earth. A place where Swami Vivekananda’s


message of service to humanity as a form of spiritual activity was first put into practice by Swami Akhandananda, a direct disciple of Sri Ramakrishna.



During his wanderings in 1897, as Swami Akhandananda entered the Murshidabad district, he became terribly shocked to see the wretched plight of the famine-stricken people, and he transformed his pilgrimage into service to those hapless ones. The first recipient of this service was a poor Muslim girl. He took a vow to ameliorate the conditions of these people and incidentally the first organized relief operation under-taken by the Ramakrishna Mission was started under the auspices of this all-renouncing monk at Mahula near Sargachi on May15, 1897. During the course of the relief operations, he picked up two helpless boys cut off from parents without trace and drifting towards the jaws of premature death. This ultimately resulted in starting an orphanage at Mahula. After many ups and downs, fire and water a permanent Ashrama was established here at Sargchi. Hazards and hardships came, staggering, horrible beyond words. But the Swami was unflinching in his vow and overcame every obstacle with his undaunted spirit. His prolonged austerities, without food or rest, careless of sun and rain, almost made him nearer to death. But he did not give up. There was no lack of enthusiasm in him. Relinquishing all the earthly pleasures he sacrificed his whole life in the service of God in human beings, without any distinction of caste, creed, colour or sex.

          His doctrine and ideology are quite clear from the following lines of his:  “My Lord is here in my own heart, and will ever be here. My Lord does not sit on the mountain top or in the blue sky above. My Lord is my very soul. He is in every living thing. That God, in the guise of living beings, is always here whispering to me, ‘O man, the Vedic seers were men. The Avatars like Rama and Krishna, too, were men.’ What a state has that man now come to! Do you not see it? Can he who hears these words sit still? To the service to this man-God, I have dedicated this life. How many more lives are yet to be given, I cannot say.”




          This is Sargachi Ashrama, the purest of the pure, the dream and heart of Swami Akhandananda who is still here, undoubtedly, everywhere in the Ashrama. Touch its soil, you will be pure; breathe its air, you will be blessed; love this Ashrama, you will be nearer to Lord. Its conspicuous serene panoramic view will make your mind indrawn automatically.

          To keep the vow of service aflame, ignoring myriad troubles we have been trying to run our activities in an uninterrupted motion which is sure to be expedited by the active assistance of yours. What we do at this Ashrama, will be offered to the lotus feet of the Lord.