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Seed Production

The ashrama has been identifying areas where technology can come to the aid of the farmers. One such area is the production and dissemination of high yielding seed varieties. The Department of Agriculture, Government of West Bengal has identified and alloted Paddy variety IET 4786 (Breeder Seed) for further multiplication. Contra Bidan -1 (Foundation Seed) has also been collected from Bidhan Chandra Krishi Viswavidyalaya for seed production under technical supervision of Dr. M.Saha and Mr. G.C.Man. As the seed produced in the last season has been sold to the farmers. The performance of those crops has assured about the seed quality and appreciation of our efforts.


A three day vermicompost basics training was conducted at the Ashrama. Vermicompost is the castings of earthworms. Organic waste gets decomposed by micro-organism and is consumed by earth worms. The castings of these worms is popularly known as vermicompost. Vermicompost can be prepared easily. The essentials are space, cow-dung, organic wastes, and epigeic phytophagous earthworms. Vermicompost is a good organic manure as it improves soil quality. The trainees were taught the process of vermiculture as well as the preparations of physical vermicompost units such as cement tanks, housing of unit, and bedding and feeding material.


A six month Horticulture training program under the proficient leadership of Ret. Prof. P.Ghanti is being conducted at the Ashrama. The trainees are taught advanced agricultural practices such as crop planning, selection of variety, sowing, harvesting etc. so that their yield and earnings can increase significantly. At the end of the training the trainees will undergo a test and candidates are provided the training certificate from the Murshidabad Institute of Technology

Farmers Cooperatives

Pulinda details : 
To commemorate the 150-th birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda, a new co-operative society of farmers viz. “SWAMI VIVEKANANDA SAMABAY KRISHI UNNAYAN SAMITY LIMITED” (SWAMI VIVEKANANDA COOPERATIVE AGRICULTURE DEVELOPMENT SOCIETY LIMITED), perhaps the first in the name of Swamiji, was established by the neighboring farmers in collaboration with Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama, Sargachi. More than 250-farmers from downtrodden families have been already enlisted in it.

Greenhouse (Polyhouse) & Shade-Net

A greenhouse (polyhouse) and a shade-net house has been constructed for production of high value crops keeping in mind the consumer preference and food habits.

Dall Mill

As the prices of agricultural products fluctuate, it is important to manage the commercialization process effectively and in a way that allows the optimum share of value added to flow to the marginal farmers. In recent times the prices of the pulses have been increased a lot but the farmers have not been able to reap any benefit from it. Pulses production is a major cultivation of this district. A small scale Dal mill where pulses grower can remove hull to make their pulses marketable has been newly installed in the ashrama. The pilot project will enable the ashrama to serve the poor and marginal farmers in the area who can now sell their hulled pulses directly in the market at a significantly higher price.


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