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Established - 1897

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Ashrama Balaka

Swami Akhandananda Maharaj established the ashrama mainly for the orphans in May, 1897. At that time a terrible famine took place in Murshidabad district. Maharaj came to Murshidabad on foot passing various places like Hooghly, Nabadwip etc. But seeing the plight of the famine victims here, he could not leave this place. With the permission of his brother disciple, Swami Vivekananda, he started relief activities here. After that he took full care of just two homeless and destitute boys. It was at this time when the idea of establishing an orphanage awoke in his mind. This was the beginning of this ashrama, initially established at Mahula. From that time many orphans and distressed children got the opportunity to survive completely free of cost here in this ashrama under the blessings of The Holy Trio—Sri Sri Thakur, Sri Sri Maa, and Swamiji. Swami Akhandananda Maharaj felt that if these children get good atmosphere, right opportunity, then they may have the potential to become honest, educated and self-reliant citizens. He managed both the orphanage and the Ashrama, from the Shivnagar office building for over twelve years. The main objective of him was to provide them a better quality of life and education too so that they can lead a productive life. Even today, keeping that continuity intact, the ashrama balakas are being cared along with all-round growth of the personality. They are literally orphans. Some of them are single parent child. These balakas are hardworking and respectful. In the early morning, they perform their morning activities and then gather at the temple for morning prayer. They also arrange puja samagri for daily worship of God. After breakfast, they sit for the daily study under the supervision of the maharajas and teachers. Then they get ready for lunch and heading towards the school. All the necessary items like clothes, toiletry items, food, study materials etc. are being provided from the ashrama. Apart from study, they are also encouraged to take part in other activities such as handicrafts, drawing, singing, cultural competitions, sports, etc. School journals also play an important role in publishing basic unique concepts of the boys in various fields. They use to play various games like football, cricket etc. in the playground daily. When the evening prayer ends, they do their study which continues till the dinner time. Then they gather in the study hall again to listen short reading from Ramakrishna-Vivekananda literature before going off to bed. And finally after the lights are turned off they go to sleep and wait for another morning.


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