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The Charitable Dispensary & Diagnostic Center was started in 1911 by Swami Akhandananda himself. He had taken up a noble initiative to serve the sick and indigent people of the locality, and continued the work till his last days. Now the Dispensary has grown up to a full-fledged medical unit rendering Allopathic, Homeopathic and Ayurvedic treatments. Along with this, there are several diagnostic facilities like X-ray, USG, ECG, Physiotherapy, Pathology Lab etc., in which various diagnostic tests are performed at a very low cost. There is also a TB Testing unit and Microscopy center which is run in conjunction with the CMOH of Murshidabad District. The Charitable Dispensary is an ISO 9001-2008 certified OPD.

Since July 2001, Medical facilities has been extended to the people in remote villages through Mobile medical Unit. The medical camp is held on every Sunday as well as on every alternate Wednesday. The camp is held at Char-Mahula, Sungnai, Patalewsar shib Mandir and Kodla villages within the Murshidabad district, and it provides allopathic treatment to the patients. In-house specialist camp is conducted once every month. Specialist doctors from Medical College Alumni Association attends the camp.

Homoeopathy medical camp is held once a month in the Ashrama and once a week in Madapur, a tribal village.

The Ashrama has been endeavouring to ameliorate the physical health of the locality since its inception through a charitable dispensary. There is practically very little scope for the poor local people to obtain proper medical treatment so free Medical help is provided to the poor and distressed persons of the locality. A total number of 12,875 cases of which 8348 (Allopathy), 3903 (Homeopathy) and 624 Free Eye Treatment camp  were treated in the dispensary during the year. As in previous years, free eye treatment camps were organized by our dispensary at different places of Nadia, Murshidabad and Burdwan districts such as Krishnagar, Katwa, Haripur and Sargachi. The details are given herewith:.

Sl Place Patient Treated Spectracles Given Eye Operation
1. Krishnanagar 183 82 43
2. Katwa (Burdwan) 80 53 08
3. Haripur 168 76 14
4. Sargachi 193 52 36



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