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Free Coaching Centres are for the benefit of the poor and backward class boys and girls studying in 3rd standard to 5th standard levels. These centres help in resisting the drop-outs at the beginning which is generally very high in the rural areas. The students attending these classes belong to economically poor families and are mostly children of agricultural labourers in rural areas. Character building education is also imparted along with the regular classes. We provide exercise books, chalks, dusters, black boards etc. for the smooth running of these centers. We also arrange tiffin for the students of our Junior Basic School who come to attend the coaching. Every efforts are being made to provide school uniforms to the students of these centres. We also try to arrange some sarees for some mothers of these students. Presently the centres are being run at one Coaching Center inside the Ashrama premises and 5 other centers in the rural areas at Rajapur Hazrapara, Khidirpur, Mahuladaspara, Salarapara, Nutanmahula. Currently there are nearly 615 students and 22 staff members who are availing of the services of these centers. There is an ever-growing demand to set up more such centers.


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